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Nomads, Peasants and More
2019 március 01., péntek 13:08
Nomads, Peasants and More

Tuesday 7 May 2019, Szeged, Hungary


The seminar Nomads, Peasants and More will focus on the cultural heritage process. It is a process by which cultural products are placed in the foreground and in a symbolic position to serve as the designated cultural heritage of a group, in this case Hungarians. In this seminar, we will address questions that focus on cultural heritage and touristic sites.

Our main questions are as follows: How does Hungarian national historical symbolism come to life at a cultural heritage or touristic site? What imagery is on display and what is its driving force? Are symbols displayed at a special event or in a static way? What outside variables affect the strategies of a heritage or touristic site, and how? Site management practices should plan past the present political and economic climate in the name of sustainable development, but how is this done in practice? Several other questions of importance pertain to the visitors and users of the sites: What are people looking for in a site in the 2010s? What makes a site attractive, and why?

The seminar Nomads, Peasants and More is aimed at graduate and post-graduate students of Ethnology, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Media Studies, and related fields.

It is arranged by the Departments of Ethnology & Cultural Anthropology, and Communication & Media Studies at the University of Szeged and the Department of European Ethnology at the University of Turku. The official language of the seminar is English.

Please submit a paper proposal that states your

  • e-mail address
  • department
  • whether you are a graduate or post-graduate student
  • the title of your paper and
  • a max. 500-word abstract in English

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by 31 March 2019.

Seminar schedule (changes are possible)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Egyetem u. 2

Lecture room 5


  1. Bertalan Pusztai: Exoticising minority traditions in culture economies: invented traditions in rural festivals
  2. Édua Csörsz: Nomad gallop from the past: the postmodern rituals of “the ancient Hungarian myth"
  3. Hanneleena Hieta: A reconstruction of a golden era - some thoughts on the Fertöd Esterhazy visitor experience



  1. Anja Mikkola: Hungary in Me, I in Hungary – views to Hungarian folkdance, experiences on collaboration and visits to folk dance festivals
  2. István Viktor Gyuris – Dóra Tauppert: Rethinking Cultural Heritage? Szer Monastery in a New Perspective
  3. László Mód: Ópusztaszer Heritage Park as a Site of Statues and Monuments?
  4. Closing of the seminar

13:30 LUNCH

Utoljára frissítve ( 2019 április 10., szerda 21:12 )
Kommunikáció- és Médiatudományi Tanszék


Dr. habil. Pusztai Bertalan, PhD, egyetemi tanár

fogadóóra: e-mailben történő előzetes egyeztetés alapján (Tanszéki iroda)